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Spring Rejuvenation
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Pilates Flow
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Late Summer Rejuvenation – Be Good to Yourself!  

Late Summer asks us to slow down and strengthen ourselves from the inside out. Choosing food, thoughts and relationships wisely, gives you the inner glow of a healthy, happy person and it boosts your immune system.

This 2 hour workshop is taught by Gwen McKenzie and inspired by the concept of Seasonal Living. Each season has it’s natural rhythms and cycles which affect our internal chemistry through our energy system, our internal body rhythm and meridian system. We are in tune with nature and its cycles naturally, whether we know it or not. Learn more at this workshop!

Gwen will take you through Pilates exercises, Yoga Flow stretches and Relaxation techniques to help move the Late Summer energy through you, giving you a sense of  slowing down - peacefully. As Nature is preparing to create comfort, stability and balance in preparation for the coming Autumn and Winter, we need to do the same.

Take home booklet includes Lifestyle Tips, Soothing Autumn Recipes and a Yoga Flow daily sequence. Integrate some new habits to help strengthen you mentally, physically and even de- clutter your home! Basic Pilates & Yoga experience is recommended

Cost: $50


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Pilates Flow

Come and discover the benefits of Pilates and Yoga. Stretch, breathe and strengthen your way to improved flexibility and energy. This Yoga inspired class uses Yoga Salutations on the Pilates equipment to help release tight muscles and increase joint mobility, improving your Pilates & Yoga form safely and effectively.

Specific stretches & Ball Release are also used.

Suitable for Pilates Level 1- 3 movers.

Registered class, 1 class per week/4 weeks.


Email Gwen  Date & Location TBA 



Pilates In the Park - Outdoors!

This is a circuit style workshop done outdoors! It is inspired by the Pilates Mat work and uses the Strength of Pilates, the Cardio of walk/run and the Stretch of Yoga to transform your Mind & Body. This workshop is done at a rhythmic tempo to ensure focus, coordination and flow are being developed. Great to learn if you want to compliment your Equipment Based Program or you want a home or travelling work out program.


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