10 Seasonal Living Tips


1) The season of Late Summer gives us a sense of peacefully slowing down. Our landscapes are full of yellow, orange, gold and brown. Make time to be outside daily, soak in the colours and be close to the earth. Take life at a slower pace.  

2) Late Summer is about nourishment, support and transitions. Take time to create comfort, stability and balance in your life, in preparation for Autumn and Winter. Notice how you feel, eat, treat yourself, what you think about and how you spend your time.

3) Choose your food, thoughts and relationships wisely. Notice if they are giving you good energy or draining you. Be good to yourself on every level, strengthen yourself from the inside out. Gather your power and stability, to give you a strong sense of centre in your life.

4) Chew well, your stomach has no teeth! Try eating slowly with an open & relaxed posture. The way you eat is an expression of who you are. Eating foods that are similar to all the Late Summer colours, helps to harmonize your system. 
Ideal way of cooking at this time of year is to sauté foods, it gives food a natural sweetness which stimulates circulation and makes us feel nourished.


5) Late Summer is associated with the Earth Element. Be out in nature as much as possible, go to a park, finish up your gardening, take regular brisk walks in the fresh air. Choose things that give you the inner glow of a happy, healthy person.

6) The energy of Late Summer is to slow down, to be more focused and centred on whatever it is you are doing. Get stronger! Leg strength is important this time of year as it helps to support you and forms your connection to the earth. Core stability, balance and movements that develop your centre like Pilates, Yoga and QiGong strengthen you from the inside out, to help boost your immune system.

7) Do you have a healthy balance in your energy bank account? Important time of year to upgrade your immune system with better nutrition and quality sleep but also do things you find satisfying, that make you feel good about yourself. This supports your immune system which then knows you are worth defending.


8) Start and end your day with a soothing Ginger, Lemon & Garlic tea with honey to aid your digestion and harmonize your system.  1 Tbsp ginger, 1 lemon squeezed, 1 garlic clove crushed, large mug, hot water and honey to taste. The immune system needs to be at its optimum so it can conserve its energy to help us be strong for the winter ahead.


9) Exfoliate with a dry brush often before you shower. After, massage almond oil or a chemical free lotion with Japanese mint oil or rosemary oil in circular ways towards the heart to improve circulation and give your skin a healthy glow.

10) Sit and read, put your feet up and rest your eyes and your body 10 minutes a day. Take a nap. Let the earth support you, try laying on your front with your head on your arms. Feel at home in yourself. 

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