10 Late Summer Tips


1) Summer asks us to live life to the fullest! Nature's energy is at its peak and so try to match it. Be as active, passionate and creative as possible.


2) Balance the intensity of the summer with learning to say "NO". Re - establish some order, re- think your priorities and create more calm and rhythm in your daily life. A healthy fire has high flames and burning embers. Mediate 10 min a day, breath your vitality so you can conserve it, to avoid burnout.


3) Eat light, clean and colourful.  Food colours reflect the colour and energy of the season, so eat lots of red, purple and brightly coloured foods.Great time of year to try juicing. Use more veggies than fruits!


4) Summer is associated with the Fire Element, so soak up the sun, be outdoors & absorb the healthy oxygen. Enjoy everything in full bloom. Move more, get your heart pumping everyday, especially in the morning & evening!


5) Make time to dance, sing, have fun, love, laugh more, enjoy the company of others - the food of the soul. Summer is associated with the heart meridian. So give from your heart, communicate differently by acting and speaking from the heart. Learn to let go, forgive and move on!


6) For healthier skin and circulation, exfoliate with a dry brush often before you shower. After showering, use almond oil with rosemary or mint aromatherapy oil to rub vigorously all over the body. Move in circular ways always toward the heart.


7) Avoid chemical based products on your body or in your house. Buy a spider plant to help filter out air pollutants.


8) Try something New like Flow Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates Circuit class, tennis or take a dance class.


9) Think Green, more of it in your food, have it in your environment to freshen things up and be kind to the planet. Grow something!


10) Put your feet up and rest your eyes and your body 10 minutes a day.


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