Three Women in a Pilates Equipment Class
  • Pilates Principals



    Integrating the Pilates principles into action with every movement, every exercise and every workout, over time you will build more grace, balance and ease in your practice and your everyday life.

  • Pilates Principals



    Your core, the centre and foundation of your body is like an eternal spring of energy from which all movement emanates.

  • Pilates Principals



    With Pilates, your body and breath are constantly in motion. Seamless fluid transitions flow like how the ocean lengthens to the shore and then is drawn back out to the sea.

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"In ten sessions, you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you'll have a whole new body." Joseph Pilates

Pilates is an Art and a Science. The founder, Joseph Pilates started to teach this system of mindful movement over 100 years ago. Pilates is growing stronger worldwide more than ever because people are attracted to purposeful movement for the CORE - Body, Mind & Soul.

• the mind body connection • increases muscle tone and strength
• increases energy and vitality                   • improves balance and coordination
• helps prevent injury • reduces stress, builds confidence


Gwen believes that Pilates done on the mat and specific Pilates equipment is instrumental to increasing range of movement and strengthening everything. When combined with Yoga, Pilates drastically improves overall joint health and flexibility.


Gwen teaches Pilates Equipment classes at TOWER PHYSIO on :
Tues & Thurs 3 - 7 pm
Fridays 8 - 4 pm
Call directly to book in : 403.262.2620

Gwen teaches Pilates in Kensington on Saturdays

 EMAIL GWEN directly to book a Pilates Private assessment to get you started, to register for classes or for more information. 


Open Studio Circuit

Current Pilates students with a personalized program can book into this open class concept and workout independently. A circuit style format ensures students become more proficient on all pieces of equipment to improve their overall strength & coordination.

A Certified Pilates Instructor is available for guidance and corrections.

Maximum of 4 students in each group.



Private Sessions

Personalized workouts designed for your specific needs and goals. Excellent for beginners & advanced students to accelerate their progress, improve Pilates form and awareness.

Duet Session

Workout with someone you like, who has similar health & fitness goals. This is a very efficient & fun way to learn Pilates and introduces you to a group dynamic. 




Strengthen & Stretch 

Gwen will lead you through a 40 min beginner/intermediate workout using a variety of the Pilates Equipment and Mat exercises. The last 20 min of class are for effective stretches and Ball Therapy releases to balance out your Pilates Body!

Suitable for Pilates students Level 1 - 3 

Registered Class, 1 class per week/6 weeks 


Pilates Flow

Come and discover the benefits of Pilates and Yoga. Stretch, breathe and strengthen your way to improved flexibility and energy. This Yoga inspired class uses Yoga Salutations on the Pilates equipment to help release tight muscles and increase joint mobility, improving your Pilates & Yoga form safely and effectively.

Suitable for Pilates students Level 1- 3 

Registered class, 1 class per week/6 weeks.

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Gwen teaches a variety of other Pilates, Yoga and BodyBall Therapy classes in the Calgary area:

 email gwen directly for more info or register below.


Pilates in the Park - OUTDOORS!

 This is a circuit style class done outdoors, it is inspired by the Pilates Mat work and uses the strength of Pilates, the cardio of a walk/run and the stretch of Yoga to transform your Mind & Body. Great to learn if you want to compliment your Equipment Based Program or if you want a home or travelling work out program.






Combines the strength of Pilates, the stretch of Yoga and the mindfulness of meditation to transform your mind and body. This is a Mat based class using Foam Rollers, Therabands, Fitness Circles and Body Ball therapy to get a full body workout.

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This is a systematic way of using Therapy balls and foam rollers to release tension and imbalances in the body. The deep trigger points in the body which cause chronic tensions melt away and specific stretches for you are combined to create lasting results. Learn how to do a full body Foam roller and Body Ball release program .





Yoga & You

A customized Yoga program for you and your lifestyle. Whether it is a daily Yoga Salutation for improved flexibility, a Therapeutic Program to relax or a Core Yoga program for overall strength & balance to compliment your current workout.

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